Midday Prayers during COP26: Monday

Compassionate God, you know our hearts and share our sorrows.

We are hurt by the despoiling of the living Earth, which we love.

We are angry at the loss we contemplate. 

We long for words of comfort, yet find them hard to hear.

Turn our grief to active love

Turn our anger to energy for repair of the world

Turn our guilt to solidarity

and by your forgiveness make us whole with all creation.

All: Amen Andii Bowsher, Green Christians 

A short reading: Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. James 1:19

As the climate talks start in earnest at COP26, let us pray.

We pray for all the participants,

the decision-makers and the protestors,

the bureaucrats and the prayerful.

May they be gifted with empathy, 

with patience and with determination.

May they be good listeners and considered speakers.

May they be guided by science rather than politics,

by the collective needs of the world rather than short term self interest.

Loving and patient God,

may your will be done.

All: Amen.

A drop of water





Drip, drop – more fall.

The drip becomes a trickle;

drip, drip, drop –

the trickle a stream.

The stream becomes a river,

a down pour, a torrent – 

surge, rush, roar.

A flood begins with just a drip.


Sun on snow.

A little warmth,

a little melting.

A moment of easing,


a shifting of weight,

gathering momentum-

And whoosh!

A million tonnes of speeding snow.

An avalanche begins with just one flake of snow.

A swallow

perched on a telephone wire,

teeters slightly.

Now or later?

One swallow, two.

Another, three. Sway.

Now or later?

Four, six;

Eight, ten. Now?

Gather, check, sense the air.

Now? Now!

Up and away,

wings beat, compass set.

Off – 

Fare well.

Where one or two are gathered,

change begins.

May God bless our endeavours.

This time of prayer finishes with the Grace.

Author: Judith Russenberger

Environmentalist and theologian, with husband and three grown up children plus one cat, living in London SW14. I enjoy running and drinking coffee - ideally with a friend or a book.

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