Lent Reflection

7th March 2022

Pine Tree Scots Pine Pine Organic Single Tree http://www.maxpixel.net

The Scot’s pine – pinus sylvestris – is one of the three conifers native to Britain. It can grow to a height of 35m and can live up to 700 years. Its strong wood is widely used in the construction industry and for ships’ masts, telegraph poles, pit props, fence posts etc. Its resin can be used to make pitch and turpentine. The high resin content of its sap means that the wood is slow to decay.

The Scot’s pine is known as a pioneer tree – a tree that can grow in a hostile environment whilst at the same time making the place more hospitable for other plants.

“Momo listened to everyone and everything – even to the rain and the wind and the pine trees – and all of them spoke to her after their own fashion.” ‘Momo’, Michael Ende

‘The voice of one crying out in the wilderness: “Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight”’ Mark 1:13

Author: Judith Russenberger

Environmentalist and theologian, with husband and three grown up children plus one cat, living in London SW14. I enjoy running and drinking coffee - ideally with a friend or a book.

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