Subject index for Eco Tips and Green Tau Weekly

Carbon footprint – appliances

Carbon footprint – domestic heating 

Carbon footprint – food 

Carbon footprint  – of things

Carbon footprint- transport

Climate Crisis – activism: consumer power

Climate Crisis – activism: creating system change

Climate Crisis – activism: Just Stop Oil – creating system change

Climate Crisis –  activism: me or future generations 

Climate crisis – carbon bombs

Climate crisis – carbon sinks

Climate crisis  – COP26 introduction

Climate Crisis – COP26 tonic or green wash

Climate Crisis – COP26 count me in 

Climate crisis – extreme weather events

Climate Crisis – fossil fuel divestment

Climate crisis – G7 summer 2021

Climate crisis – G7 wave of hope

Climate Crisis – rising sea levels

Climate Crisis – Thames flood risk 

Climate crisis – tipping points

Climate grief 

Climate Justice – 2

Climate justice – 1

Climate justice- activism

Earth overshoot day

Energy – Electricity

Energy – fossil fuel divestment

Energy – Heating

Energy saving in the home

Environment- natural wealth

Farming – biodiversity and regenerative agriculture 

Farming – biodiversity and food production

Farming – what about the cows?

Fairly traded?

Fairly traded – B corps

Fairly traded? – sugar

Fairly traded? – palm oil 

Fairly traded? – chocolate 

Faith reflections – Climate Justice – 2

Faith reflections – Climate justice – 1

Faith reflections – fossil fuel divestment 

Faith reflections – hope

Faith reflections – Jubilee

Faith reflections – Lent

Faith reflections – life choices 

Faith reflections – solidarity and knowing our place in the ecosystem

Faith reflection – wealth and greed

Other reflections can be found in Lent Reflections and Advent Reflections. Falling in Love may be of interest too. 

Finance and money

Finance – green money

Food – biodiversity and food production

Food – carbon footprint 

Food – LOAF principles 


Food – justice; doughnut economics

Food jams and preserves

Food waste 

Gardens local biodiversity 

Gardens biodiversity and regenerative gardening

Gardens Birds

Gardens as nature reserves -1

Gardens as nature reserves -2 

Gardens – rainwater

Gardens – creating a carbon sink

Green support groups

Home -Household appliances 

Home – keeping warm in winter 

Home – keeping cool in summer

Home – Spring cleaning

Home – see also Carbon Footprints above

Lifestyles – fifteen minute city

Lifestyle – positive tipping points

Lifestyle – wealth

Lifestyle – there is no ‘away’ in a throw away society

Lifestyle – water conservation



Plastic pollution 

Plastic recycling 

Pollution – plastic


Recycling  – the circular economy

Recycling – E-waste

Recycling – there is no ‘away’ in a throw away society

Recycling  – plastic

Recycling – what happens to the plastic that goes in our recycling bin

Recycling – why?


Stuff – Stewardship of things

Stuff – Things to Enjoy

Sustainability and biodiversity 

Sustainability – the circular economy

Sustainability- earth overshoot day

Sustainability and economic development: Lambeth Conference

Sustainable living  

Sustainability – loss and damage fund

Sustainability- refills

Sustainability- systems change

Sustainability – creating system change

Sustainability- Just Stop Oil – creating system change


Travel – active travel

Travel – carbon footprint 

Travel – fifteen minute city

Vegan cakes

Vegan swopping to a vegan diet

Vegan – what about the cows?

Water conservation

Zero waste