Green Tau: issue 67

1st April 2023

The Big One 

The Big One is this years demonstration of people power in support of the well being of our environment. Over the course of the weekend 21st – 24th April, Extinction Rebellion along with many other organisations – such as Christian Aid, Greenpeace , Ecotricty, Ecosia, the Quakers, the RSPB – will be gathering to allow people to share their passion for the wellbeing of the environment and justice, and to call upon the Government to take action to genuinely address the climate crisis.

There will be processions, talks, workshops, music and worship. The Saturday will have particularly festive feel with people in costumes celebrating Earth Day, and on the Sunday space will be made for the passage of the London Marathon. There will be welfare and first aid points and the whole weekend will be coordinated with the police ensuring its legality as a legitimate protest. 

What is The Big One asking?

  • A citizen-led democracy to end the fossil fuel era.
  • A fair society that includes reparation.
  • Existing Demands – XR’s three core demands remain the same: Tell the Truth, Act Now, and Decide Together.
  • And a demand for an immediate end to all new fossil fuel licences – added in 2022 to recognise the need for definable action – also remains.

Faith groups will have a particular presence – look out for flags and banners pinpointing who’s where. From the Christian organisations there will be a big ‘No faith in fossil fuels’ service outside St John’s Waterloo at noon on the Friday with an onward procession to Parliament Square. Midday worship led by different groups will take place on the other days in the Faith Zone, plus a Catholic Mass or Eucharist at 3pm and a daily  prayer walk at 5pm starting from the Mahatma Gandhi statue.

Do come along and add your presence to this demonstration of people power. A better world is possible. 

‘We’re not going to disrupt the public, but together from 21st – 24th April, we will show the Government exactly what people power looks like’ – Extinction Rebellion.

Do make use of this prayer booklet in the run up to The Big One –

Or join in in spirit for the daily prayer walk if you can’t be there in person –

And follow this link to the order of service for “No faith in fossil fuels’ worship –

Author: Judith Russenberger

Environmentalist and theologian, with husband and three grown up children plus one cat, living in London SW14. I enjoy running and drinking coffee - ideally with a friend or a book.

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