Counting on … day 1.103

27th April 2023

Reflecting further on The Big One and what it achieved, it showed the positive being that humans can be.

60,000 people gathered to show both their concern for the damage being done in the world and to share their belief that a better world is possible.

60,000 people filled the streets and there were no arrests, no reports of anger or abuse. Well trained and and caring stewards kept everyone self and well looked after.

60, 000 people met and showed respect for each other, welcoming the young and the old, the fit and the not so fit, people of all races and backgrounds, genders and faiths.

60, 000 cooperated, sharing the space and the experience with each other.

60,000 people were entertained and inspired and drew strength from each other’s commitment.

The Big One, for me, demonstrated that a better world is possible and that the counter-cultural characteristics that we read off in the Gospels, the Letters and the Book of Acts is out there for real – and not confined within the walls of the churches.

Author: Judith Russenberger

Environmentalist and theologian, with husband and three grown up children plus one cat, living in London SW14. I enjoy running and drinking coffee - ideally with a friend or a book.

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