Counting on …day 321

27th September 2022

Whilst governments push (or not) for a Loss and Damage fund, we as individuals can help the more uk era leaders to adapt to climate change through our support of charities. Practical Action has been doing this in Zimbabwe. There an extended drought was this spring followed by torrential rains such that this year’s maize harvest is 45% smaller than last year’s. Practical Action has been promoting a small scale method of farming – ‘pfumyudza’ – that enables a family to grow enough maize for a year from a 16th of a hectare. One mother of three reports: “Before the training [in conservation agriculture], I could barely feed my family but now I am harvesting an average of three tonnes of maize on a smaller piece of land than I used to grow.” “From my first year of using Pfumvudza as a way of farming, and demonstrating it to others in the village, my crops never failed. The rainfall was erratic as usual but we got a good harvest.” (