Counting on … day 282 

19th August 2022 

Domestic appliances including fridges and freezers, cookers, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, TVs and electronic displays, and lighting, come with energy efficiency ratings. These labels have been recently updated ranging from A, the most efficient, to G, the least efficient (A+s has been removed). The labels also show the energy consumption of the appliances and, where relevant, water consumption. 

 Counting on … day 281

18th August 2022

When homes are sold they are given an ‘energy performance certificate’  that shows how well the place is insulated and how efficient is its in terms of the energy used. The certificate may also point out where improvements could be made. A second certificate records the ‘environmental impact (CO2) rating’ and measures the carbon footprint for the unit. Both range from A, being the most efficient, to G, least efficient.

Counting on …day 269

7th August 2022

Saving water and saving energy often go hand in hand. Showering less often (swop for a daily wash) saves both water and energy used heating the water. Ditto if you wash your clothes less often. 

As our hot water tank is upstairs and the kitchen sink down stairs, we realised that to get hot water from the kitchen tap we were drawing an extra 5 litres of water. By heating water for washing up in the kettle we have saved both water and electricity. (One kettle provides for one washing up cycle).