God In-Carnate

24th December 2022

God in

the beginning 

creating fullness

out of nothingness. 

God in 

the breath 

animating life forms 

made out of mud.

God in 

the garden, 

conversing and delegating – 

sharing the  venture.

God in 

the pillar of fire – and the pillar of cloud – 

leading the people 

from the past to the future.

God in 

the mouths of prophets, 

calling for renewal 

in place of impoverishment.

God in 

the flesh, 

conceived in a womb, 

born as child.

God now in 

bone of our bone, 

flesh of our flesh, 

our intimate companion.

God in 

our  mess, 

sharing our food, sharing our pain, 

living in reality 

our God-given life.

God in 

God’s world, 

the way of renewal, 

and the means to rebuild.

God in

the word, 

the beginning, the middle, 

the end.