Counting on … day 354

20th October 2022

Again to conserve water, we recycle grey water. Water for hand washing collects in a bowl and is saved in a jug and/or flushed down the toilet. Water from flannel washes and from the hot water bottle are also recycled. At more expense you can install a tank, some form of water treatment and a pump to recycle the water to toilet cisterns and/ or a garden tap. 

Counting on …day 264 

2nd August 2022

As plants shrivel and trees prematurely drop their leaves, we are seeing the damaging effects of climate change on our own environment. Periods of drought and heat waves are going to be an ongoing feature of daily life and something we need now to plan for. In our gardens it may be looking to see which plants are still surviving and which are suffering so that we know what to plant in the future. As we eke out water for our plants, it may be in setting up systems to collect grey water – even a bucket by the sink into which to our used washing up water. It may be in installing more water butts to,collect more water when it does rain. The  Mains to Rains project has more helpful suggestions –