Counting on … day 413

20th December 2022

Following on from the news that France is banning internal flights, I have set up a Parliamentary Petition asking the UK Government to ban internal flights as a means of achieving our net zero carbon target.

Please do sign and share the petition.

Counting on … day 391

26th November 2020

My apologies for yet another link to a petition but the situation feels grave.

This one is calling in the Government to stop the development of the Rosebank oil field in the North Sea. Personalising your letter does help as you can relate the letter to,your own fears and concerns. Mine included my daughter’s assertion that she does not think she will reach the age my husband has because the climate crisis will, through widespread famine, so disrupt life on earth.

Counting on …day 388

24th November 2022

One group who can actively limit investment in fossil fuels is our Government. In order to explore new oil and gas fields in British waters, oil companies need a government licence. According to a report in the Guardian ‘The North Sea Transition Authority has begun a process to award more than 100 licences to companies hoping to extract oil and gas in the area. Almost 900 locations are being offered up for exploration.’

As new licences have not yet been issued (the current round of bids will end in June 2023) there is still time to persuade the Government to think again about the wisdom of this  venture. You can help by signing this parliamentary petition to  prevent  all new North Sea oil and gas exploration