Counting on…day 357

23rd October 2022

Solar farms in the UK are also producing a diversity of additional benefits. Creacombe solar farm in Devon reports “ In essence, a solar farm is a nature reserve that is left largely untouched for 25 years, resulting in huge benefits for wildlife and biodiversity [and will] help to reverse the decline in wildlife due to intensive farming practices [with]

  • Wildflower meadows sown across the site, 
  • Bee hotels and hives for honey bees and solitary bees to take advantage of the pollen and nectar.
  • Hibernacula for small mammals and birds, with areas outside the fence line being left as coarse grassland.
  • Bird and bat boxes.
  • Land maintenance by sheep grazing the site each winter after the wildflower meadows have cast their seed.”

Counting on…day 356 

22nd October 2022

Euronews Green reported on an interesting solar panel scheme. The solar panels are suspended above a field at a height that allows farm vehicles to pass underneath to tend and harvest the crops. The solar panels are fixed such that they can  rotate through 360 degrees to catch as much sun as possible. When it rains they can be set to vertically to water the crop – or in the case of hail, horizontally. The panels can also be used to shade the crop during high temperatures and when frost is a risk.