Counting on … day 306

11th September 2022

Autumn is the best time to plant spring bulbs. Flowering from January onwards, these flowers are a real boon for insects looking for nectar, especially those that don’t hibernate or have come out of hibernation early. I am always surprised and amazed when I see bumblebees in January. 

 Counting on …day 98

18th February 2022

Crocuses and snowdrops and hellebores all provide food for bees and other early insects. Most spring bulbs are best planted in the autumn. However come the autumn you may have forgotten where the rest of your bulbs are planted and risk planting them to close together or too widely spread! Take a photo now so that you can check their whereabouts in the autumn.

Snowdrops are best planted now, ‘in the green’. 

Count Down

 Action 42: Plant spring bulbs: the ideal time for this is between now and November. This is also the time to plant summer bulbs such as lilies and alliums. Plant a variety of bulbs from the earliest flowering crocuses to the later flowering tulips to ensure an ongoing supply of nectar for insects as well as scents and colours that will bring us joy too. 

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