Where one or two …


A drop of water





Drip, drop – more fall. 

The drip becomes a trickle;

Drip, drip, drop -.

the trickle a stream.

The stream becomes a river,

a down pour, a torrent –

surge, rush, roar.

A flood begins with just a drip. 


Sun on snow. 

A little warmth,

a little melting.

A moment of easing,


         a shifting of weight.

                 gathering momentum –

 And whoosh! 

A million tonnes of speeding snow.

An avalanche begins with just one flake.

A swallow

perched on the telephone wire,

testers slightly. 

Now or later?

One swallow, two.

Another, three. Sway.

Now or later?

Four, six; 

Eight, ten. Now?

Gather, check, sense the air.

Now? Now!

Up, and away, 

wings beat, compass set,  

off – 

fare well.

Where one or two are gathered, 

change begins.

May God bless our endeavours.

Author: Judith Russenberger

Environmentalist and theologian, with husband and three grown up children plus one cat, living in London SW14. I enjoy running and drinking coffee - ideally with a friend or a book.

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