Counting on… day 318 

24th September 2022

Manure and urine from farm animals is a major source of ammonia: in the UK 87% of ammonia released into the air comes from agriculture. Here ammonia reacts with other compounds in the air to form particulate matter that pollutes the air, irritating lungs and affect people’s breathing.  Ammonia also leads to the creation of smog, and the acidification of water and soil. It is harmful to plants and wildlife as well as humans. 

A particular concern at the moment is the health of the River Wye in Herefordshire. A large number of intensive chicken farms have been established in the Wye valley and the affluent from millions of chickens has created an algal bloom that is destroying the biodiversity of the river. 

This is another good reason for reducing our meat consumption. 

 Counting on …day 251

20th July 2022

There is a proposal to extend London’s ultra low emissions zone to include all of the Greater London area, thus ensuring that everyone in London benefits from the resulting cleaner air. This is particularly important when we consider the extra strain being placed on our bodies by the current heat wave. The move is likely to rescue the number of vehicles being used which will reduce both congestion and fossil fuel consumption. There are exemptions to ensure that people with disabilities, charities etc are not adversely affected. Public consultation is underway, if you would like to express your views –