Counting on ….day 261

30th July 2022

Yesterday I added an extra Count Down entry marking 100 days until COP27, and in these next 99 days I will be repeating some of the actions I noted last year. We are relying on governments and big businesses to effect the system change need to address climate change, but such organisations are ultimately responsive to social trends. In the hustings for the new Conservative party leader, we are seeing the two candidates trying to match what they have to offer with what they sense their voters (Conservative party members) want. If we want governments and businesses to take positive action vis a vis the climate crisis, then that needs to be the desire of society at large. As much as we petition and push governments and businesses to change, we must enthuse society in the same direction. Last year’s “action 2” was talking about the climate crisis with friends – raise awareness and interest, make the topic interesting and pertinent, make the need for action desirable.