Counting on …day 290

26th August 2022 

“The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth, and it is the planet’s life support system” – Marine Conservation Institute. It too is under threat from overuse and misuse by human activity. Current negotiations s at the UN are trying to agree a treaty that would protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030 – although it looks as if financial interests in making further profits from the oceans will water down any agreement. 

According to UNESCO, plastic waste makes up 80% of all marine pollution and around 8 to 10 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year – and in the last 10 years we have produced more plastic than in the last century! Cutting back on the plastic we use, and ideally aiming for zero plastic, we can be part of the solution.

 Counting on … day 122

14th March 2022

Another sign of spring: we have two clumps of frogspawn in the pond. Despite large number of eggs laid, few will make it to adulthood. Most will be an essential part of the food chain – including the dragonfly larvae which currently live in the murky depths of the pond but who will in the summer make their dazzling transformation to dragon flies. I wonder if we fully understand the role of life and death in the cycle of the ecosystem.