Counting on … day 219

20th June 2022

Zero waste and plastic free are two main objectives in our daily living so I am really pleased to,find that. The RSPB’s fatty nibbles for birds now comes in all paper rather than plastic packing! Card and paper I will recycle with an easier conscience than plastics. And by buying the  largest size I am minimising the total packaging footprint. 

 Counting on …day 123

15th March 2022

Having just used the last of some sticky tape, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that you can now by zero plastic Sellotape which is made from cellulose film and naturally based glue. The cellulose film is derived from wood pulp, sourced from PEFC certified sustainable forests. The tape and its packaging is biodegradable and can be composted or recycled with paper items. 

Daily life can be plastic free.