Advent 4

December 2022

This painting depicts a colourful collection of doors that captures some of the atmosphere of this Unesco World Heritage City. Recently the Guadaloupe neighbourhood was designated as an art district and young artists were encouraged to decorate the walls with large, vivid murals. This bold use of colour suggests a joyfulness that is perhaps sometimes missing from our grey winter streets. 

Can our Advent disposition be one that brings joy and colour into the lives of those around us as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Saviour?

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.

Philippians 4:4

Counting on …day 218 

19th June 2022

Sometimes it is the little things that bring joy – like this little butterwort that has come into flower. We bought a couple of these plants as they ‘eat’ soil gnats which tend to breed in plant pot soil. The shape of the leaves is always beautiful but when a delicate flower pops up, it’s the icing on the cake! 

Lent Reflection

8th April 2022

Young Tree Date Palm Plantation Phoenix Dactylifera http://www.maxpixel

The date palm – phoenix dactylifera – has been cultivated since ancient times, possibly originated in what is now Iraq. They were and are grown for their fruit which are eaten fresh and dried or made into syrup, wine or vinegar. The date palm needs about 8 years before fruiting but once mature can produce 70kg of fruit or more. Date palms can live for up to 150 years.

The date palm has been used as a symbol of prosperity and triumph. Palm leaves were carried in the triumphal victory processions in Rome, by followers of Jesus when he entered Jerusalem, and are in art works are symbolically carried by martyrs.

For the Lord takes pleasure in his people, he adorns the humble with victory. Psalm 149:4

It is the nature of the strong heart, that like the palm tree it strives ever upwards when it is most burdened. Philip Sidney