Counting on … day 54

7th January 2022

Real (as opposed to plastic) and rootless Christmas trees will  probably now be on their way for recycling. Most local authorities provide a collection service, taking the trees to be ‘chipped’ into small pieces which can then be turned into compost or used as a mulch.  Sometimes the trees may be put to  alternative uses such as securing sand dunes or stabilising river banks. You can recycle them at home,  leaving them in a corner of the garden where overtime they will decay and in the meantime may provide a shelter for birds and insects. Or you can speed up the process by chopping off the branches and – once the needles have gone brown – use them as mulch around plants that like an acid soil – eg raspberries. 

The trunk you can use to make, or to add to, a log pile for garden wild life. For more nature friendly ideas for the garden see –