Counting on …day 202

3rd June 2022

Forest bathing is the Japanese practice of immersing oneself in nature, especially in forests and paying particular attention to how that environment engages the five senses. Kate Bast, writing for Mental Health Today ( says forest it is like a “balm” for mental health and that it has the ability to slow down the fight, flight or freeze response, which is so often on high alert for those with anxiety.  Forest bathing, Bast said also softens the intensity of symptoms such as ‘rumination’ which is something that often plagues those living with depression.

The  Forest Bathing Institute offers guided sessions, including ones at Kew Gardens – The National Trust also offers a guide for self guided sessions –

Why not have a gentle walk in your nearest area of woodland?

Counting on … day 200  

1st June 2022

Walking in woodlands or even just having a tree to look at when you are ill is known to be beneficial – promoting both mental well-being and speeding up recovery from sickness. 

A report produced last December by Forest Research and funded by the Forestry Commission, Scottish Forestry and the Welsh Government, recorded that visits to the UK’s woodlands do indeed boost mental health and save an estimated £185 million in treatment costs annually. 

 Counting on … day 141

4th April 2022

Taking care of our mental well-being is important. It keeps us better and

happier and our friends and families too. The Blue Prescribing Project aims to help people actively look after their mental well-being through developing closer links with nature. The Project is designed and delivered by the Mental Health Foundation and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, and is currently operating at the London Wetlands Centre.

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