Counting on …day 327

3rd October 2022 

“Help create the People’s Plan for Nature by sharing your thoughts about the future of nature in the UK. What do you love about nature in the UK? What would you miss if it disappeared?”

Join the conversation and share your views as part of a nationwide initiative organised by WWF, the National Trust and the RSPB. Use the link below.

Our insights will help resource the planned People’s Assembly which is to tasked with producing the People’s Plan for Nature by the spring of 2023.

 Counting on …day 313

19th September 2022 

Prayer walking or walking prayer is a way of calming the soul and focusing the mind on God through the gift of creation. It can be mindful, slow walk that allows you to pay attention to the natural world – however humble – and so to be drawn into the presence of God. The poet writer Ian Adams, in Running Over Rocks, terms it as Terra Divina.

You can find an extract from the book about Terra Divina here: 

Counting on …day 299 

4th September 2022

Environmentally kind resolutions can include our gardens – making space and caring for nature. You might set aside part of your garden for wildlife. Climate  change places extra pressures on wildlife so give them a helping hand by encouraging wild plants (weeds) to colonise part of your garden. Nettles are very good for ladybirds and butterflies, dandelions flowers are good for bees and dandelion seeds are tasty food for goldfinches.

For further thoughts see and 

 Counting on … day 247

16th July 2022

Also on the nature front, Friends of the Earth are asking us to ‘notice nature in the everyday’.

Whilst at the gym I spotted a dozen (each) sparrows, starlings and jackdaws, 3 parakeets, a goldfinch, a blue tit, a magpie and a kestrel!

Count Down

 Action 22: Love things we do not own. Look round your garden or your nearest park and choose a plant – a flower or a tree – and spend time admiring it, paying it attention. If we are to be truly motivated to care for the world around us, we need to fall in love with it. This year I have been drawn to the weeds that grow in the garden and see them now as wild flowers.