Counting on … day 348 

13th October 2022

An observation: when I was a child every household had a single dustbin of size that could be lifted to empty it in to the dustbin lorry. There were no recycling bins or garden waste bins. Now households all  have a wheelie bin which is at least 50% bigger plus two or more recycling bins, a food waste bin and, as required, a garden waste bin. How come we produce so much more to discard? 

Counting on ….day 235 

6th July 2022

The bins at St Margaret’s fair contrasted with the bins on Sheen Common, our local green space. These were overflowing with discarded picnic waste – plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, cardboard  boxes, plastic bags. Some items could have been taken home and recycled. Better still is to make picnics that involve no waste – sandwiches wrapped in beeswax clothes or packed in lunch boxes.  Water or squash in refill bottles. Fruit loose in a cotton bag. Slices of cake and biscuits packed in a tin.