Counting on …. Day 1.059

1st March 2023 

Shop local. When we walk and  cycle more and drive less, it is local shops and businesses that benefit!

The Living Streets report, The Pedestrian Pound (updated 2018), noted that If more space is given for walking and cycling and less to cars, the absence of customers arriving by car is more than compensated by people arriving on foot or by bike. For example, in San Francisco, the first trial ‘parklet’ increased pedestrian traffic in the area by 37% on weeknights and increased people walking with bikes at the weekend by 350%. A similar scheme in Shoreditch, London, increased takings in an adjacent shop by 20%.

A different world is possible!

Counting on…day 396

3rd December 2022

Today is Small Business Day.

According to the Borough of Richmond “Much of what you’ll find in shops across the borough is sourced and crafted locally and only a short distance by foot, cycle or public transport. Shopping locally is a great way to limit your carbon footprint, improve the air quality in our borough through active travel and reduce the delivery miles spent ordering goods to your home.”