Counting on …day 1.086

30th March 2023

According to the Office of National Statistics, electricity prices in the UK had increased by 67 per cent in January 2023 compared to January 2022.

Solar power installations doubled in 2022 compared to 2021, according to MCS, the standards organisation in charge of solar installations.

In January alone, nearly 15,000 domestic solar power installations were added to the British grid, more than any other month since 2016.

Counting on day 1.053

22nd February 2023

The Independent reports ‘St Michael with St Mary parish church in Melbourne, Derbyshire, is a fine example of 12th-century Norman ecclesiastical architecture, but one part of the building is distinctly modern. The sunshine that illuminates the church’s stained-glass windows is also shrinking its carbon footprint thanks to a 42-panel, 10kw array of solar panels on the roof.’ 

One of the first churches to install solar panels was St James Piccadilly, whilst more recently St John’s Waterloo has installed panels that will produce 30 kilowatts per hour in bright sunshine and over the course of a year could generate 28,597 kWh. 

A different world is possible!

NB I have put together a series of 40 mini reflections on water (a rerun of a series from a couple of years ago). These can be found in the menu under Lent Reflections, or here

Counting on …. day 1.049

18th February 2023

The Grimsby Telegraph reports ‘As part of its Towns Fund Deal, North Lincolnshire Council got £1.4m in government cash for the rollout of solar panels on at least 30 Scunthorpe schools and to create an affordable, zero-carbon energy system in North Lincolnshire. Four schools – Holme Valley Primary, Bottesford Junior, Fred Gough Secondary and Berkeley Primary – had panels already installed by the end of January, while two more, St Hugh’s School and Priory Lane Primary were poised to have them installed by February. Once set up, the six schools will save £97,880 a year in energy bills.’

A different world is possible.

Counting on … day 1.048

17th February 2023

The Metrocentre in Newcastle  has solar panels covering an area equivalent in size to 88 tennis courts on the roof and  on specially constructed solar car parking spaces.

The White Rose Shopping Centre near Leeds has solar panels that can generate  681,794 KWH of electricity a year.

A different world is possible!

Counting on …. day 1.047

16th February 2023

A different world is possible and we are seeing signs that it is already emerging.

The Wetlands Centre at Barnes is installing more solar panels on their site. They anticipate generating 60% extra energy over and above what they need. Where else might we see solar panels being installed? Shopping centres? Schools? Libraries? Hospitals? Railway stations? Churches?