Counting on …. day 303 

8th September 2022

Environmentally kind resolutions include greening our energy use. This could be switching to a green energy supplier; swopping all light bulbs with an LED equivalent; being conscious of how much energy we use and reducing by turning appliances off when not in use, and use them for shorter periods of time. The work of kitchen aids – such as cake mixers and coffee grinders can be done by hand – and the work of vacuum cleaners especially on hard surfaces can be done with a brush; hair can be rubbed dry with a towel; daily showers can be alternated with a good basin wash. 

This month, compared with the same month last year, we have consumed 90% less gas and 50% less electricity.

 Counting on …day 257

26th July 2022

The Guardian reports that plans are ahead to make it illegal for shops to run the air conditioning whilst there doors are open, and already a by law exists in Paris resulting in  €150 fines. Can we ask our local authorities to take action too?

French retailers have agreed to switch off illuminated signs when their premises close for the day.

Counting on …. Day 172

4th May 2022

If you are still looking for ways to reduce your gas consumption in response to the invasion of Ukraine, and  use gas to heat your hot water, there are several ways you do this. 

  • If you wash up in a bowl,  rather than drawing hot water that’s been heated by the boiler, use a kettle. One kettle is usually enough.
  • Reduce the number of showers you take – begin by showering one day and have a basin wash the next. Skin doesn’t get as dirty as we think. 
  • When you shower reduce the time under the shower – 5 minutes is a good target.
  • Wash your hands with cold water – it is just as effective at removing germs. What is important is lathering the soap and rubbing all parts of your hands.