Counting on … day 118 

10th March 2022

Spring is a good time for foraging. Plants are beginning to sprout and it is often the newest, youngest leaves or shoots that are sweetest. Our garden is a quasi wild garden, so I can forage there for dandelion leaves – good for salads, or for use as spinach – and nettles whose young leaves are good in soups. 

Nettles are an important food for various caterpillars. Dandelion flowers are an important food source for various insects including bees, whilst their seeds are popular with goldfinches. 

Counting on …day 117 

9th March 2022

Throughout the year there are seasonal vegetables that suddenly pop up – either in the garden or in the shops. Things that give a little lift and excitement to the everyday. This week it was the first wild garlic leaves which if you love in rural areas you can pick fresh from hedgerows. Wild garlic is also known as ransom. If you plant them in your garden bear in mind that they spread and grow rapidly