Counting on …day 311

17th September 2022

Blister packs can be recycled at your local Superdrug branch. This is in partnership with Veolia. Simply take your empty packs to the pharmacy section and pst them in the collection box. 

‘Recycle at Boots’ provides a recycling point for other hard to recycle items such as make-up palettes, compacts, lipsticks, toothpaste tubes, lotion pumps, etc. All pharmacies should offer a recycling scheme for inhalers. 

 Counting on … day 310

16th September 2022

Check out high visibility clothing. With schools terms starting and the evenings drawing in, it is a good time to think about staying visible as both pedestrians and cyclists when it is dark. After dark even light coloured clothes do not make the wearer clearly visible to other road users.  Fluorescent markers on bags and coats, cycles, helmets, wrists and ankles are all good options.

 Counting on …day  309

15th September 2022

As we prepare for the colder months ahead, it is good to think about wildlife too. Why not make a bug hotel as a warm, safe place for overwintering insects. or for one on a larger scale try –

Counting on … day 308

14th September 2022

 Knit or crochet something warm for winter: wrist warmers and beanies are  easiest if you are a beginner. You could try a beret, leg warmers, scarf or, if you have the time, a jumper. You might like to use yarn made from recycled cotton (t-shirts!) linen or silk,  or wool that comes from one of Britain’s rare breeds of sheep. 

 Counting on … day 307

13th September 2022

Whilst harvest is often celebrated in September, harvesting is ongoing throughout summer and autumn. To provide for the winter months, fruits and vegetables as they are harvested, can be preserved as jams, chutneys and pickles or they can be bottled. All these methods of preservation don’t need a freezer or fridge. Follow this link for chutney-making and other  preserves

With a glut of apples, this can also be a good time to make mincemeat ready for Christmas. Find a recipe here –

Counting on …day  306 

12th September 2022

Another interesting article relating to the investments strategies of financial institutions focuses on those which are in eating in the development of North Sea oil and gas fields, such as Cambo and Jackdaw –

The thought that our money is being used to potentially develop these new oil and gas fields is devastating and suggests that both these institutions and our government are not serious in their commitment to reducing green house gases.

 Counting on … day 306

11th September 2022

Autumn is the best time to plant spring bulbs. Flowering from January onwards, these flowers are a real boon for insects looking for nectar, especially those that don’t hibernate or have come out of hibernation early. I am always surprised and amazed when I see bumblebees in January. 

 Counting on … day 305

10th September 2022

Refocusing our environmental lifestyle should also include our finances. We can in small ways influence the environmental protection that financial world gives through our choice of bank, mortgage lender, insurance provider and pension fund. All these financial institutions invest money (our money in fact) to gain a return that finances their product. Where they invest their money can impact the environment. For example if they invest in companies that produce fossil fuels, they are financing the continued production of green house gases. If they invest in companies that manufacture plastic packaging, they are financing the continued production of the commonest form of litter. If they invest in companies that produce tobacco, they are financing the continued production of an addictive and carcinogenic commodity. 

For more insight into the environmental issues around banks see this Ethical Consumer report. They also provide ratings for different financial institutions covering current accounts, savings accounts and mortgages etc. To access these you will need to be a subscriber.

For more information on pensions and pension funds see which strongly advocates swopping your pension as the most effective way of tackling climate change. (However if, like me, you don’t have a portable pension this won’t be possible. Nevertheless you can still keep asking your pension provider to adopt an environmentally responsible approach to its investment strategy). 

Good with Money is another useful website

Counting on … day 304 

9th September 2022

A resolution that is both environmentally kind and healthy, is to reduce the amount of meat and dairy products in your diet, replacing them with plant based foods instead – opt for those that are in season and locally grown. 

See these Eco Tips for switching to a vegan diet

Or for a whole range of articles on vegan eating and recipes see

Counting on …. day 303 

8th September 2022

Environmentally kind resolutions include greening our energy use. This could be switching to a green energy supplier; swopping all light bulbs with an LED equivalent; being conscious of how much energy we use and reducing by turning appliances off when not in use, and use them for shorter periods of time. The work of kitchen aids – such as cake mixers and coffee grinders can be done by hand – and the work of vacuum cleaners especially on hard surfaces can be done with a brush; hair can be rubbed dry with a towel; daily showers can be alternated with a good basin wash. 

This month, compared with the same month last year, we have consumed 90% less gas and 50% less electricity.