Counting on …day 250

19th July 2022

We have to find means of adapting as best we can to cope with the challenges of our increasingly hot climate. This morning’s air was still warm so when we opened the windows this morning to cool the house, we drew the curtains across and sprayed them with water. As the air coming into the house will dry the curtains and so cool the house. 

 Counting on … day 242

13th July 2022

Urban areas are generally hotter than their nearby rural areas. Buildings and vehicles all add heat to their local micro climate, whilst vegetation reduces temperatures. Not driving cars during hot weather is one small way of keeping the air cooler. You too will probably feel cooler walking on the shady of side of the street rather than being sat in a hot metal box.

 Counting on … day 241

12th July 2022

Double glazing also keeps excess heat out! When the outside temperature is hotter than inside, closing the windows and drawing the curtains can help insulate rooms from high temperatures outside. On the other hand if you can open several windows causing a flow of air through the room, the movement of air may feel more comfortable.