Counting on … day 242

13th July 2022

Urban areas are generally hotter than their nearby rural areas. Buildings and vehicles all add heat to their local micro climate, whilst vegetation reduces temperatures. Not driving cars during hot weather is one small way of keeping the air cooler. You too will probably feel cooler walking on the shady of side of the street rather than being sat in a hot metal box.

 Counting on ….day 215

16th June 2022 

‘Air pollution can impact every organ in everybody – not just those who are vulnerable. Even though we can’t see it, air pollution impacts our health from our first breath to our last’ – Larissa Lockwood, Director of Clean Air at Global Action Plan. The simplest thing we can all do is to cut out  short car  journeys and walk instead – better for both our health and our environment. The focus of this year’s campaign is on contacting our local authorities to tell them what actions they can take to make walking easier in our own area. 

NB The Met Office produces an air pollution forecast –

Counting on …day 169 

30th April 2022

Picking up on the idea of car-free Sundays, how many excursions or days out can you plan that don’t involve a car? Walks that include a pub lunch, walks that incorporate a visit to a museum or historic site, cycle rides that include stunning view points (and a downhill ride afterwards!), a bus or train ride along a scenic route, a walk along a canal….