Counting on …day 135

29th March 2022

Wellington boots are ideal for jumping in puddles! Growing up in rural Warwickshire in the 60’s and 70’s, Wellington boots were the main footwear for a good half of the year. We wore them so often they would physically wear out developing cracks around the ankle. Now I have walking boots to cover both wet days and long walks. Regular cleaning and re waterproofing ensures my feet stay dry. Good maintenance prolongs the life of so many things we own and is something  sustainability counts on.

Waterproof garments also last longer when regularly cleaned and waterproofed. 

Counting on…day 132

24th March 2022

Cycling is always easier of your cycle is well maintained: peddles, wheels and gears flow easily allow you to cycle further/ faster with less effort. You can book your cycle in for a routine servicing at a local bike shop or finding training opportunities so that you can become your own cycle mechanic. Richmond council is offering the following free workshop: The Cycle Maintenance Course at the Holy Trinity School Cycle Hub will take place on Wednesday 23 and Wednesday 30 March at 5pm. Both courses are completely free to attend.The event is being organised by the borough’s Healthy Streets Officer. To secure your place, please send an email to

Bikeworks also offers maintenance workshops at different levels

Count Down

 Action 23: Cycles of all shapes and sizes benefit from regular cleaning and maintenance: and you are rewarded with a speedy and comfortable ride. Even in the summer cycles get dirty and the recent heavy rain we have had will have added more grime and mud to the frame and moving parts. Once cleaned, lightly oil the chain. Check brakes and adjust or replace as necessary: in wet weather well adjusted brakes are an essential safety measure.

As the nights begin to draw in, make sure that you have a set of functioning front and rear lights.